There are other highly regarded podcasts about history that students can listen to in learning more about the subject or finding resources for free.


A lot of them freelance contractors. I enjoy watching my students’ confidence increase as they go through their learning . Jobs Growth (2014-2024): 29 Percent Median Annual Salary $44,190. It’s crucial to help them align their goals for learning around their own personal commitments, so they can have the greatest chances of success ! Sociologist. Faye.

The majority of sociologists study the behaviors within larger social structures. The Early Childhood. This includes which types of people and ideas have social influence, and how the social groupings are formed and how laws might affect a certain segment in the populace.

The beginning of my career as a early years educator encouraged me to move into the field of education. They typically collaborate with research institutes or colleges as well as local and state governments. I’ve since developed my abilities through a variety of certifications, like an L3 certificate on Assessing Vocational Achievement, L 3 in Education & Training and L4 in Internal Quality Assurance. Jobs Growth (2014-2024) 1.1 Percent Median Annual Salary $73,760. I’m a big child at heart . Archivist or Curator, and Museum Workers. I am a huge fan of Disney films, online and occasionally dabble in photography. Archivists generally study, evaluate as well as catalog and conserve historic documents.

Laura. Curators generally manage collections of artifacts and artifacts. Health care. They may also develop public programming for exhibitions. For the past 10+ years, my enthusiasm in helping students improve and grow has driven my work as teacher . Conservators and museum technicians often make and restore collections of museum items as well as documents. To aid me in progressing higher, I am currently studying to be awarded the IQA Award . The majority of these jobs work in historic sites, museums or colleges.

I enjoy reading and am self-confessed Harry Potter fan. Jobs Growth (2014-2024) 7.7 Percent Median Annual Salary $46,710. I’m interested in everything related to rock music, history as well as tattoos and true crime podcasts. Additional Resources.

Penny. Historical PhD scholars typically study specific periods and empires as well as the research and communication skills required to get this degree could be useful in numerous job opportunities. Art. Below are online resources for free and historical membership groups which offer networking opportunities for students of the doctoral degree in history interested in careers outside of academia.

The marine biology field, the jellyfish conservationist, hairdresser and Fitness instructor… This membership group is a network of historians, teachers professors, education specialists, community leaders , and other historical institutions to enhance the quality of the history curriculum in schools. Ich have a varied background! Art is my love which is why one of the most proud moments was earning the goal of obtaining my Masters in Fine Art. This society recognizes the variety of diversity, variety, and constantly changing nature of historyand accepts members from all areas of history and professions.

Then, I recertified as an Art teacher in order to teach my students. A professional society that is dedicated specifically to American History, this association encourages discussions on historical topics as well as high-quality scholarship, teaching and presentations in the field of American history. Over the course of my teaching time in the field, I’ve helped those who are vulnerable and have additional disabilities, like SEMH or SEN. This handout was created by Karen Phoenix has links to various informational websites, job listings and even publications and articles that history PhDs can utilize to enhance their search for a job. Sarah. The website provides access to information within Humanities and humanities research, this site focuses on resources available online for the study of history including prehistory, particular histories for a specific country to history conferences and other publications.

Education and Care for children. The community encourages its members to conduct research, teach and publish on international, cross-cultural and comparative methods of history. My 30 years in education began with childminding. This podcast is hosted by the University of Texas at Austin hosts this popular podcast on historical issues. It progressed and then working with children with disabilities and special needs. There are other highly regarded podcasts about history that students can listen to in learning more about the subject or finding resources for free.

I also taught in a national literacy program and eventually became an Advanced-Level TA. AccreditedSchoolsOnline.org is an advertising-supported site. I’m delighted to announce that I finished with a First Class BA Honours degree when I was 50 years old – an example of how there is never a bad time to follow your goals!

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